Sunday, February 10, 2008

Windows Vista 64 & Virtual CD/DVD

So, I start a new job on Monday, at a brand new company (I am the first employee). Because of this I had to run out and buy a temporary laptop while my real one was being shipped from Dell. I ended up finding a nice deal on an HP at Compusa which is being liquidated.

The problem I have run into is finding a virtual cd/dvd drive to load the images from MSDN for Windows Vista x64. Microsoft has a great little tool for this Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP. This tool sort of works on Vista but not on Vista x64 at all.

I tried Magic ISO; however, whenever I went to open up my computer, with a drive mounted windows explorer would crash.

I am still in search of a working tool and should I find one I will update this post. For now I am just waiting anxiously for my real laptop with good old WindowsXP on it.

My message to Microsoft would be that if you release new OS's you should release updated versions of your tools. If you want to drive adoption of Vista you do need to ensure the tools are available either from you or from a third party.

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