Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bashing and Rants

Here's a good example of the problem with blogging technology. You give anyone the ability to instantly publish and your going end up with some dribble and rants.

This article is nothing but bashing of MS, and provides no substantiation of any of the claims the author makes. Give examples of good projects that have been squashed due to the giant beast gobbling up the developers and forcing them to stop working on a project.

As Oren Eini put it so nicely
Who exactly said that I owe something to anybody? Who exactly said that any of the guys who went to work for Microsoft (many of whom I consider friends) owe you something.

How dare anyone have the audacity to claim an evil doing that a developer of a free tool abandoned the project.

I guess that's the problem of free space and cheap publishing technology but now my rant about the ranters is over.


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