Thursday, January 8, 2009

Uploading attachments for blog entries on blogger

A request was made to upload some of the source code for a previous blog post. Is this possible to do with blogger? If not where is a good place to do this at? Anyone have any suggestions? Free is critical.


apenwarr said...

Maybe try or

Josh Berke said...

I was thinking about one of those two sites but I'm not really looking for source code repositories. Almost like a ftp site where I can put various things to link to.

I'm sure I can accomplish this with google or github (and will probally end up going with one of them) just curious about if there is a site that will do this.

Where would my wife post a PDF document to link to from her blog is how I am thinking about this. (And if any friends or family read this, I am speaking hypothetically, she doesn't blog)

While writting this, I wonder if Windows Live services could be used. I vaguley remember seeing that they give some storage out.

Thanks again

Nitin R.K. said...

Apart from that I mentioned as a comment on your previous post, I found a couple of others too: (Java-only)

Nitin R.K. said...

To host a PDF document, you could use your (it's now called GoogleSites, but I haven't tried the new one yet) account for storage and link to it.

Google Docs is great for collaboration and I *think* they support all the popular text document formats for upload.