Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I need a vacation

So this morning I was thinking about some basic things we can do to speed up the download of our pages, including combining and minifying our JS / CSS files. I decided to go look at YuiCompressor, which is a minifier from Yahoo.

I think to myself neat let me bookmark that and come back to it.

I guess I had this same thought the last time I thought about the subject. Ugh!!!

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John said...

1. Add more RAM
2. Use ReadyBoost
3: Get a good video card
4: Eliminate extra startup programs
5: Turn off visual enhancements
6: Adjust indexing options
7: Clean up and defrag the disk
8: Adjust your power settings
9: Turn off the sidebar10: If all else fails, turn off Aero....these all setp increse speed ofg download file.
r4 revolution per ds