Saturday, September 26, 2009

Responsability of Third Party Control & Blacklists

My intern just sent me a screen shot of a CAPTCHA from a site we are working. The CAPTCHA is generated by a third party control which we have no control over.

If you are a developer of third party controls which are sold to professional companies please take the effort to implement a blacklist of letter sequences that should not be allowed in CAPTCHAs. What are the odds of this happening probally preety small but had we lost a sale because of this....


Ralph Allan Rice said...

A smarter implementation is needed, too. You would think that alternating letters with numbers would be better.

I'm sorry that you lost that sale, but that is friggin' hilarious.

Josh Berke said...

Hey man I'm honored you read this random collection of my thoughts. No sale was lost this site hasn't gone live yet. And yea it is hilarious. I can think of a ton of ways this could be handled.

I still don't like CAPTCHA in general, some of them out there are so hard to read, it takes several times to get a readable image. There has to be a better way to prove I am a human. I've seen some of the work being done such as a having the user selecting which pictures are cats vs dogs.

I was thinking maybe a simple math problem. encoded into the image would be interesting as well...might serve a dual purpose keep all the bots out and all the morons!

John said...

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