Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long time no post

It's been a very long time since I published something here. So what have I been doing? Over the last year, I have found all my time consumed, between three things, Family, Work and Facebook. I simply never had the time to write any more posts. This year I am going to make more time. How can I do that?

Well since I don't want to give up any time with my family, and I can't give up any time spent on the job, that leaves, facebook. I have blocked my access to 90% of the games that used to drain my time, and removed almost all of the non-friends friends I had. Now it's time to get my priorities aligned up right again.

Although I can't stop working, I have decided to work smarter. There are so many better ways to do the things I have been doing. I am tired of using the all the standard excuses. To that end I have started down the path of automating the testing of our web application. The application has really stabilized itself over the last year as far as functionality in various key areas, that a couple of well thought out automated test scripts should help reduce the amount of time, and effort we spend testing, and reduce the amount of bugs.

I have just started exploring Watir and hope to have some posts on it soon.

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Claudia Berke said...

I never knew you did this. Thank you.