Thursday, October 16, 2008

TypeLibBuilder.exe Crashes & DigitalPersona Software


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This is a follow up to an earlier blog post about TypeLibBuilder.exe crashing which was caused by Digital Personas Finger Print Reader Software included in many laptops like my HP DV 9700 here.

I have had a short discussion with one of the Web Dev Tools managers via this forum post: It doesn't sound like Microsoft has any plans to publish a fix for this issue as they insist that the issue is within Digital Persona's software. I am unable to weigh in on this as I really don't know what each of the two conflicting components are doing. While I dissagree with Microsoft's position, I can understand where they are coming from.

I have also had communications with Kirill Lozin Director of Software Development for Digital Persona. When I originally discovered this issue the best I was able to do was get in touch with DP's sales team; however, since this was considered a free version of software I was unable to get further. Thankfully the manager from Microsoft provided me with Kirill's contact information who has provided the following information.

Digital Persona plans to include a resolution for this issue in the upcoming DigitalPersona Personal v. 4.0 release. This release is planned for October 31, 2008; however, this is a tenative date.

This is great news; however there is a catch. At this time Kirill Lozin is not aware if this release will be made available to those of us who recieved the free version of Digital Persona (I contest that this wasn't free since it was bundled with Vista but anyways...). Keep in mind he is not indicating that it won't be available or that will be available just that he doesn't know what the plans are.

He has promissed to push the patch ideas as strongly as possible; however, there are some complications which has stopped this idea already due to all the notebook manufacturers requiring being required to approve any patch.

I will update my blog as new information is made available.




Anonymous said...

3 years later and I still have this problem. Do you know if there is a fix for this?
I disabled the fingerprint reader process to 'fix' the crashes problem, but 'fixing' one product by removing another is not a real fix

Josh Berke said...

You can upgrade to the latest version of DigitalPersona. When I was working with their developers they gave me a private build which had resolved the issue and it was supposed to be in their next release.