Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TypeLibBuilder.exe Crashes & DigitalPersona Software Update III

I have been informed that Digital Persona will be releasing a patch which addresses the issue with Visual Studio 2008's TypelibBuilder which is responsible for the JavaScript Intellisense feature. See these posts for more information:

I do not know when or where the patch will be made available, but as soon as I know more, I will update this blog entry.

I want to thank the Microsoft & Digital Persona development teams for working together, to get a resolution to this issue. While this issue didn't prevent someone from doing their work, it did require that they choose btw two great features (Java Script Intellisense, or using BioMetrics to save typing and remembering all those passwords).




Sean said...

Thank you for helping these two companies find this solution and then posting it on the Internet to help us all out.

Jeff said...

any update on the possibility of a patch? Is the workaound as simple as disabling the reader?

Josh Berke said...

Sorry I've not updated this but yes there is a patch it is available as part of DP version 4.0. I am not sure if its being made available to people who got DP from their OEM.

The patch isn't 100% working; however it stopped the crashing. The workaround is to shutdown DPAgent.exe. You could simply rename it to prevent it from launching when you login.