Friday, October 17, 2008

Unrelated Google Add Words Adds

So I've been playing around with Google Addwords on my blog as a way to understand how they work (and in the hopes I might get enough clicks to help fund my kids Holiday seasons which in my house is crazy with Hanukah, Christmas, My oldest's birthday and my wife's birthday all falling within a two week period).

At first I figured the content wasn't focused on the things I blog about because it was so new, and google hadn't scanned enough content. But after 9 months now I figure the ads should become more appropiate. Yet today I am always seeing ads for some type of Surgery, or today was for a Cookie School of some sort (Which was right next to an ASP.Net School).

Anyone reading this want to provide some insight into what I am doing wrong?

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Josh Berke said...

Interesting this post is the number 10 result in google for "google add word"